“Every Year 45,000 people Apply For Med School… Only 18,000 get in. That’s a 60% Failure Rate… Will You Be One Who Gets In?”

“You’re About to Discover the Single Most Straightforward, Most Clear-Cut, and Most Comprehensive Guide to Navigating The Shortest Path to Med School Available Today…

…and Avoid These Little-Known Mistakes that Murder Any Chance of Getting Accepted…”

Whether you’re…

  • Preparing for the MCAT…
  • Writing your Personal Statement…
  • Confused about which schools to apply to…
  • Stressed and desperately rounding up all the pieces you need to complete your application…
  • Trying to find out how to ace your interview or…
  • Reapplying for the first (or more) time…

…There’s one thing I can guarantee –

…You are in for a long, frustrating, anxiety-ridden, journey through the application process unless…

You have a guide that shows you every step of the process, in sequence, with exactly what to do each step of the way and with all the choices and strategies available to you.

And that’s what I’ve got for you….

…in this just-released guide that will dramatically boost your chances of getting into medical school, save a ton of time, and drop your stress levels overnight…

Hi! I’m Jason Spears…



I help premed students navigate an exact and clearcut route through the medical school application process by compiling and presenting all the steps, tips and tricks you will need to navigate the shortest path to med school.

At Northwestern, I was President of the Premed Society for both my Junior and Senior years of college. I say this because one of my roles was to help my fellow premed classmates have their best chance of getting into med school.

I regularly set up seminars with the Deans and Doctors in the admission departments of the top medical schools across the country. So I had access to and developed personal relationships with these admissions directors.

As a result, I’ve had 8 years worth of candid conversations with admissions officers, premed students and medical students about what really matters when preparing for the MCAT, writing a compelling personal statement, acing interviews and choosing a post bac program. 

I also developed an in-depth knowledge of the many unique and overlooked aspects of getting into medical school that almost all premeds are too stressed and anxious to learn about.

I created this for you simply because there is NO signle guide that exists to help you — the Premed Student who wants the most direct route to med school.


The Truth Is That Getting Into Med School Does Not
Have To Be High Stress and High Pressure…

…if You Have The Whole Picture and Know Even
A Little Bit Of What The Steps and Stages Are
To Get Accepted to Medical School Ahead of Time..

You now have an unprecedented opportunity to learn the insider strategies that only a handful of lucky premeds even knew existed a short time ago… including the myths, know-how and tactics of…

  • How to prepare and study for the MCAT in the least amount of time with the least amount of stress (and get the best score possible).
  • How to craft a winning Personal Statement with confidence and ease and in a way the reader will see exactly what he needs to see.
  • How to choose the best medical schools to get into the first time drastically saving you time and money… to dramatically increase your chances of getting accepted.
  • How to strategically and intelligently prepare for your interview so you know how to answer every question and appear as the “ideal candidate.”
  • How to complete every part of your application step-by-step so it presents exactly what admissions needs to see… (no more guessing and scrambling to figure out what to do next)
  • How to plan your reapplication strategy in the event you get rejected by the medical schools.
  • How to uncover the many “alternate paths” to med school that are still completely underutilized today.

And that’s just a small “taste” of what’s in store for you. This ebook is called “Med School Admission Secrets”… and it has the combined knowledge of 100+ admission directors of the top medical schools, first year medical students and doctors.

I cannot stress how powerfully these secrets can affect your medical school acceptance success.

There Is No Other Source of Advice Like This Anywhere…

Until now, only a trickle of these game-changing new revelations about the acceptance process was leaking out from the med school Admissions offices… the offices of respected med school admissions gatekeepers.

With the sudden release of this new ebook, you can now satisfy your own well-earned desire to learn every secret…

That Anyone… Anywhere… Has Ever Discovered…
About Increasing Your Chances of Getting Into Medical School…

“Med School Admission Secrets” is divided into the 11 most crucial areas of the premed to med school acceptance process. Here in more specific detail, is what this hot new eBook reveals:

SECTION 2: Making Your MCAT Matter…

“You Want To Take Your MCAT Only Once and Get The Most Milage From It…

The Goal Is Make the Transition From MCAT To Medical School Acceptance As Short as Possible!”

Multiple attempts allow medical schools to average your scores, (even if they say they don’t). Each MCAT you take reveals more to the school and you don’t want to give more data to ruin your chances of acceptance

  • Say goodbye to anxiety and stress connected to your MCAT exam and walk into the MCAT with calmness and focus knowing the “big picture” of how the MCAT really affects your acceptance. (Half the battle is knowing how the “MCAT game” is played. Most students needlessly psych themselves out of doing well!)
  • Never have to push back your test date (and delay your acceptance) because you were not properly prepared. I give you your specific action plan for studying for the MCAT. (In some cases, delaying your MCAT can make the difference between being accepted and rejected!)
  • Learn what “thinking style” you need to use when studying for the MCAT… (It is NOT the same thinking style you use when studying for your classes). It is THE main reason most of you will fail the MCAT (or get sub par scores) and therefore shut the door on your medical school acceptance success.
  • Learn the fundamental MCAT test taking strategies that most premeds overlook (through no fault of their own) and end up frozen, like a deer caught in the headlights, once they begin the test!
  • Don’t get caught cramming for the MCAT in a panic! Have ample time to get fully prepared, by learning the proven appropriate amounts of time to allocate for your MCAT study.
  • Avoid sabotaging your acceptance by taking the MCAT at the wrong time. (Planning when to start studying and when to take your MCAT can literally save you a year of waiting)… You’ll learn when to take the MCAT and why.
  • Determine whether you’ll get admitted before applying, by learning the “secret scoring system” used by medical schools (this scoring system is not a myth, it is actually used by medical schools).
  • Increase your odds, reduce the time to get accepted, save money, and reduce stress by learning how med schools evaluate the relationship between your GPA and your MCAT score. (Knowing this can immediately tell you whether you need to retake a class, do a post bac, redo the MCAT… or not.)

Section 3: Create A Penetrating Personal Statement…

“Your personal statement alone will not get you into medical school, but it can prevent you from getting admitted…”

…On your application, you have a space with a maximum of 5,300 characters to express why you should be chosen over a competitor who has the same or even higher GPA or MCAT… this is one of the most anxiety-inducing parts of the application process…

There is no turning back… Once you press “Submit,” your personal statement is sent to all the schools you apply to and it cannot be altered, changed, edited or revised.

  • Stop wasting time writing countless drafts and editing for days, learn and know what the decision maker is looking for before starting your Personal Statement by using my 2 step approach to writing your personal statement from beginning to end.
  • Learn the #1 gripe admissions officers have with personal statements. This wil surprise the heck out of you!
  • Banish anxiety, stress and worry and avoid all the hidden pitfalls of writing a powerful personal statement, when you use my 4 point checklist for proofing your Personal Statement.
  • Connect with your reader, and speak to their direct needs to make it easy for them to see you as the better choice for interview. (You’ll know who will be reading your personal statement so you won’t be “writing blind” hoping you hit the mark!)
  • Know the answers to the two most crucial questions your reader will be asking himself when reading your Personal Statement, learn an exact method to find your story, and gain utter clarity on exactly what to say (within the 5,300 maximum character limit.)
  • Learn exactly what to include and exclude in your personal statement, common areas to avoid so that you don’t make a rookie mistake (and get denied a medical school interview.)
  • I’ll teach you how to write an engaging story that your reader will be delighted to read and immediately invite you to a medical school interview.
  • Uncover hidden “holes” in your application (that you WILL be blind to) by using this simple trick…
  • Nothing is worse than losing 4-6 weeks and hundreds of dollars or having to reapply next year… when all you had to do was this one simple trick.
  • Learn about a simple FREE tool to create the most compelling personal statement your reader will read. This can truly set you apart from competitors who have everything else equal to you (or better).

Section 4: The Science of School Choice…

“There is a statistical, systematic method to determine the ideal schools that want someone like you…”

  • Save time and money by discovering what the different schools are looking for and choose medical schools that want what you have… (The right fit will increase your odds of getting an interview.)
  • Learn exactly how to focus on schools you have the best chance of getting into. (There is a science to this!)

The Worst Thing You Can Do Is
Apply To Every School Without Understanding
What EACH School Is Looking For In An Applicant…

  • Do you hate working in a laboratory? Good news! Not all schools require this.  You’ll learn how to focus your search to schools that match your personality and interests.
  • Save time, avoid applying to the wrong school… increase your chances of success and fine-tune your focus by instantly learning exactly what activities each med school desperately wants… (And yes, different schools want different activities!)

Section 5: Interviewing With Intelligence…

“Go Into the Interview Knowing What They Want to Hear and Back Up Your Answers With Verifiable Facts…”

  • Learn these 6 simple mistakes premeds make in preparing for their interview that cost them a successful interview. (They are mostly made months before the actual interview, during and right after they send in their application!)
  • What you do right after you submit your application can make the difference in your interview. Don’t miss this!
  • Learn the exact methods to prepare your answers for “moral/ethical type” questions so you present yourself as “already part of the team” yet, retain your integrity.
  • Get my “Ace the Interview” checklist that covers everything from after you submit your application to the moment the first interview question is asked.

With this checklist, you can now once and for all say,
“There is nothing more I can do… I can relax.”

  • Learn the most powerful, yet amazingly simple interview techniques… professional presenters, actors and speakers use everyday to stay at the top of their game… and best of all it’s free!
  • Never be caught off guard if you are asked the “one” question you were not ready for by learning the “[insert number] Golden Rules” of a med school interview.
  • When you don’t know how to answer a question… say, this!
  • You will not be caught like a deer in the headlight when you learn, exactly how to research and prepare for the most difficult questions… controversial current event questions that require you to express your own personal judgment.
  • You’ll get verifiable and relevant facts to craft your answers so you come across as a well-spoken, well-prepared, honest, calm applicant who belongs at that school.
  • Eliminate needles hours of research for facts to back up your answers, never be afraid or unprepared to respond to the toughest questions and know exactly how to respond to “controversial” topics because you’ll have instant access to the facts of both sides of each argument… (All your answers will be backed up with verifiable facts)

Section 6: The Absolute Guide To Your Med School Application…

“Getting Your Application Complete Can Be A Nerve-Wracking Experience. So I’ve drawn out for you exactly what you need to prepare for and what to expect so you know what you need beforehand and stay a step ahead…”

Here’s what this section details…

  • Never need to ask the question, “What do I do next on my application?” I cut out the research, guesswork and fact-gathering of exactly what to do… I lay it out for you step-by-step in explicit clear detail.
  • The timing and choice of who you send your application to can make a night and day difference in getting accepted this year or next. Get crystal clear when to apply and who to apply to.
  • Determine, before applying, whether you’ll get admitted, by learning the “secret scoring system” used by medical schools… (this scoring system isn’t a myth, it is actually used by medical schools.)
  • Learn a simple strategy these premeds used to speed up their acceptance process and increase their acceptance rate by using this little-known loophole… and you can apply this whether you have your MCAT score or not! (Most students overlook this simple strategy and waste $630 and 2 months of time!)
  • Save time, stress, reduce hassle and costly mistakes by knowing how to prepare for your application ahead of time. Getting these items in order is a confusing and stressful process and you often have to scramble around to find out what to get… Unless you learn what is needed beforehand.
  • Avoid these 7 simple and easy-to-overlook mistakes and waste your already limited time and murder ALL your chances of acceptance. (Remember, your application is sent to ALL the medical schools and it CANNOT be altered!)
  • It isn’t enough to know what steps to take… knowing when to do them is just as crucially important. The timing of your MCAT and application are just as important to creating a stress free and clear path to getting accepted as the grade you get.
  • I give you the milestones you need to attain and exactly when you need to complete them by.
  • These are the milestones you are not being told about by your advisors and classmates.
  • Avoid the pitfalls students make when choosing the right activities… get the upper hand against other students who have the same (or better) GPA, by learning the 4 criteria admissions officers use to evaluate your extracurricular activities against a competing student… (Trust me when I say, too many of you get this wrong and waste 150 hours and still lose!)
  • All the steps of the application process are outlined for you… No more procrastination, worries or surprises when you use my “3 Month Guide to Meeting Application Deadlines.”

Section 7: Lock & Load Your Letters Of Recommendation…

“Getting powerful, raving letters of recommendation is a process many of you will find yourself racing around wishing you had 20/20 foresight… 

I’ll be showing you what you need to know to make this painless…”

Here’s a taste of what you’ll be getting…

  • Instantly know if you have someone who will go to bat for you… so your time won’t be wasted when you get the “How-to Guide To 3 – 5 STRONG Letters of Recommendation.”
  • How to boost your application with the strongest letters of recommendation from 3-5 professors or physicians. (Hint: You want to use writers who’ve written to medical school before… they know which topics to cover!)
  • Don’t spend weeks chasing down your recommendation.. rest assured your recommender only said positive and great things about you.

Section 8: Slam Dunk Your Secondaries…

“You’ve got to the secondaries! You’re almost there!

Glide through this step and you’re in for the home stretch…”

Here’s what you’re about have in your hot hands…

  • Get a 7 day (or less) turnaround from secondaries to 24hrs or less when you use my “Slam Dunk Your Secondaries.”
  • Drop everything and complete secondaries from medical schools that do this!!! You do NOT want to miss this one step.
  • You don’t have to “wonder” what questions you will be asked in your secondary… You’ll get a list of real-life, actual questions that have been asked and will be asked (So you are not preparing blindly).

Section 9: Recharge Your Reapplication…

“Sometimes, the only thing that held you back from getting accepted was your MCAT score…” 

  • I lead you through the process of retaking your MCAT. Learn the tips and tricks to use to make sure you slam dunk it this time.
  • Got rejected and there are no glaring errors in your application or scores? Use my checklist to see if there is something you are missing. If you hone in on the right reason for your rejection, you will reapply with a much stronger position and increase your acceptance rate tremendously.
  • Expand your options and save time and money by applying to a DO School or Caribbean Med School while applying to MD.
  • If it’s December or January and things aren’t looking good, do these 4 steps…. (You may have 3 options to choose from that you probably have not considered and can get you on track with your timeline!

In addition to these, you can also use the following section to make your reapplication your strongest shot to medical school…

SECTION 10: Pass On The Post Bac Route? Think Again

“The Best Kept Secret In the Med School Acceptance Process…

You just don’t need to rush to get into med school. That’s the biggest myth of getting into med school. And the stress and anxiety you feel because of this ‘perceived’ time pressure, will cause you make mistakes you wouldn’t otherwise…”

  • Drop your stress and anxiety and get focused on your studies when you learn all the different routes to med school or practicing medicine… (most of you are not aware of these!)
  • Are you in an unfulfilling career and want to change to medicine? Learn the benefits and drawbacks of the career changer.  You can use this post bac route to get there… (and with dramatically less stress and anxiety).
  • Get clear-cut guidance on what post bac routes are available to you. You’ll learn how to choose which is best for you, how each benefits you and what the “hidden” caveats are for each.
  • If you are considering the “Academic Enhancer” post bac route… you need to know it is not a clear-cut process. (Only a small group of premed students will be able to use this)
  • Move ahead in the applicant selection pool and shorten your acceptance wait time… If you are an underrepresented minority… or if you qualify for these 2 statuses, you have a virtually unknown and untapped opportunity.
  • When is choosing a Masters a time-and money-saving choice to zoom forward to becoming a doctor… and when will it knock you out of the race. (I give you all the specific criteria to consider so the choice is crystal clear.)
  • Learn how most admissions officers really view you taking a masters… (Knowing this can save you from disqualification or it can blast you many steps forward to your goals.)
  • What is a better choice for you? A Masters of Public Health or a Masters of Med Science? I give you the truth about what each choice really does for you when it comes down to getting into med school, what medicine you will practice and how it affects your lifestyle.

SECTION 11: Alternate Routes To Med School…

“Premed is such a stressful and jam-packed race, most of you are not given the opportunity to know all the choices available to you…”

  • You could reapply… or you could take this alternate route… and jumpstart your path to the lifestyle you originally wanted as a doctor.
  • Is practicing medicine, having the income, lifestyle and fringe benefits more important to you than your title? If it is, I reveal a small (but growing) niche of opportunity you will want to learn about now before it becomes “mainstream.”
    You get to complete your studies faster, save time, and streamline your path to your dream lifestyle by using this new information. (This won’t last long so learn about it now!)
  • Learn the truth about Caribbean med schools… There are true benefits BUT, you need to avoid these 3 traps no one else will tell you about… (especially the Caribbean med schools!) These hidden traps can demolish any benefit Caribbean schools give you but only if you don’t know about them!

You can see why this new ebook is causing such a sensation among aspiring med school students (of all levels) everywhere! The secrets about to be revealed to you can cause dramatic and wonderful changes in your life on every level. 

And not just in the way you think, perform and feel about getting into medical school — even more importantly, you now have an amazing opportunity to enjoy what other students can only dream about… namely…

A Guaranteed Way To Know Every Step Needed To A Successful Application… and All The Choices and Tactics Available to Complete Each Step Successfully With Your Copy of “Med School Admission Secrets”

I don’t know how long I will be able to keep “Med School Admission Secrets’ available for sale. I just don’t know if the explosive secrets contained in it will skew the acceptance curve too much. Though Admissions Officers have freely given me the bottom line of what really matters to them I don’t want to cause an abuse of this knowledge.


I’ll Assume All Your Risk
There is NO Risk To You At All…

If, for any reason (or for no reason at all), you decide this eBook doesn’t meet your exact needs… simply return it.

No questions asked, and no hassles and…  I will personally assist you with anything you feel my eBook didn’t cover.

There are no strings to this offer. 

Other “consultants” of course are outraged that I am letting students have access to this information with a money back guarantee.

“I believe giving you the chance to personally experience what this astonishing eBook offers… is simply the best way to “spread the word.” I have yet to meet a premed student who can resist discovering the secrets revealed here…” 

Secrets like…

  • When NOT to take the MCAT! There are situations where your best bet for getting accepted into med school is to wait and take your MCAT at a later date! (This is another widely overlooked factor of the application process.)
  • Make sure you get the test center location and date you want.. (and avoid being stuck in a location and time that delays your application) by following the strategies I outline.
  • Have ample, stress-free time to double-check (or even triple check) your personal statement… Eliminate guessing and scrambling for the right words… when you know exactly what your reader wants to read!
  • Get an advantage with your admissions… when you avail yourself of special “mentorship” programs… I outline the nuances for this category of post bac choices.
  • Ensure you get an interview by beating these minimum cutoff values… (These two numbers ARE your sut off values)
  • What is the one trait in extracurricular activities medical schools salivate over? It is so easy to get, saves you tons of time and it is the one trait most premeds will NOT choose.

This amazing eBook has been called the single most important source of know-how for any premed student… especially if you are finally ready to eliminate any guesswork in your med school application process! 

This is proven, straight from the horse’s mouth, inside scoop, that will help you experience a new clarity and certainty you never dreamed possible. The changes you feel (when you put these secrets to use) will actually…

Boost Your Confidence, Save Tons of Time and
Reduce Stress and Anxiety As A Premed Student!

Here’s more of what you’ll see in your eBook:

  • Avoid the common mistakes premeds make in choosing their extracurricular activities… focus on the key activities that matter and know what your chosen schools want to see… (This can save you tons of time and energy you need to apply for your MCAT and write your personal statement, because most students don’t know what schools want to see.)
  • Learn how to streamline your extracurricular choices so you are choosing activities that really matter to med schools you want to apply to.
  • You won’t have to struggle to answer the tough, open-ended personal judgment questions… You CAN express your views in a way to slam dunk the interview.
  • Improve every weakness in your application… before applying. 
  • Ensure you get an interview by beating the minimum cutoff values before applying.

You Must See For Yourself
What Landmines You Are Blindly Walking Into
Without The Slightest Clue!

And don’t forget… you get to examine… and try out everything… absolutely risk free… for 90 full days!

No risk… no hassles.

Need More Convincing? Check This Out…

You will have the unique opportunity to look forward with 20/20 vision. (Don’t wait until it’s too late.)

  • Learn what to have ready before you get to the AMCAS office and save yourself hours of time, frustration and stress… No one tells you what to have ready and what to expect there (and I promise you are in for a world of bureaucratic inefficiency and frustration)
  • Get inside the head of top admissions officers and learn what they have told me “point blank” about what causes them to reject applicants.
  • Use my 8 years worth of conversations with admissions officers… to know, with certainty, exactly what they care about.

Just To Make Sure No Stone Is Left Unturned…
To Give You Every Chance To Ace Your Med School Application…

I’ll be including as a BONUS… my own “Medical School Acceptance Rates”

With “Medical School Acceptance Rates” you can… See at a glance, the acceptance rates of every med school and know exactly and immediately what your statistical chances of being accepted for each school… 

  • Take the guesswork out of applying by knowing which are the hardest and easiest schools to get into.
  • Save time and money by only applying where you have the best chances of admission.
  • This complements the knowledge you learn from [name of book]… Just find which list applies to you and immediately see which ones give you the best chances for acceptance.
  • Drill down to the category you fit into and find the most relevant decision-making info for your situation… I break the rates down into Residents, Non-Residents or International.
  • Spend your time completing applications and not researching where to apply… Use “Medical School Acceptance Rates” to apply to the best schools for you, streamlining your application process.
  • Use it to eliminate one wrong school and you save over $60/per application… (which is the cost of completing a secondary application)

Here’s a sample of what the list looks like…

And another sample of what’s inside…

There’s More… A Lot More.
I could go on for hours. But…

If I haven’t convinced you that “Med School Admission Secrets” is must-reading  by now, I never will…

I can understand if you are one of those students that can pay a personal tutor or spend $600 on a “consultant.”

“Med School Admission Secrets” is for the rest of us who’ve gotten where we are right now by pulling up our own bootstraps.

Or… for those of us who want the very best chance of fulfilling our dreams of becoming and enjoying the prestige and status of being a doctor.

Through the years, I’ve seen consulting services charge up to $600 to check and make sure your application is as good as it could be… And they only check the application!

Making a mistake in any part of the process from your MCAT to your secondary can cost you hundreds of dollars…

The cost of applying to schools you should not apply can run up to $1,450!

I am offering this to you for the price of only $49

In under three minutes from now you can have the most up-to-date, streamlined, relevant insider knowledge to get you a step ahead of your class… and trust me… that can make all the difference…

It’s simple to get your copy of 

“Med School Admission Secrets.” Just click on the image below… You’ll be taken to a payment page.


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Once you have downloaded your 

“Med School Admission Secrets”, you can begin reading it and planning your next steps to med school!


Jason Spears

P.S. Most of you are just trying to make it day by day.  You are trying to pass your classes.  You are trying to keep up with all the work, and you feel you’re in a tight race where only few students make it…this can all change just by knowing, ahead of time, exactly what is going to be required of you between now and your eventual acceptance.  Don’t leave things up to chance.  Get into medical school in the shortest time possible and live the life of your dreams starting today…

P.P.S.  I am giving you rock-solid, specific, and exact guidance that you can’t find anywhere else.  I’ve been through the process and I’ve helped others make it.  You can’t find a better source of advice today, at this price, and with a no-questions-asked guarantee.  Don’t waste this fleeting moment in time.  You won’t get it back.